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"Made for You" // Frankenstein + His Bride

This was a freakin' dream come true, ya'll. I had been dreaming up this shoot since last October, and to see it "come to life" blew my mind.

Have you ever wondered what Frankenstein Monster + His Bride's wedding would be like? Probably not. But now, you don't have to wonder because in my head, it looked just like this. Rock + Roll meets Bohemian meets mad scientist was the major inspiration for this creepy/rad, imaginary love story.


Huge Thank you to all the people who helped make this dream a reality! They seriously made the vision come to life!

Photo/Video : Evergreen Film Co.

Instagram- @evergreenfilmco


Instagram- @mayflowerscha


Invitation: Kelli Woodell Fletcher


Cake: Peachy Queen Sweets

Instagram- @peachyqueensweets


Bride - Charity Moore

Frankenstein's Monster - Cody Nelms

Best Man/Dr. Frankenstein - Cameron Belk

Maid of Honor - Daelyn Waldroup

Frankenstein's Makeup : Brandy Sneed

Instagram- @brandydoesmakeup

The Bride's Makeup : Kaitlin Sanford

Instagram - @_kaitlinhunter

Special thanks to Emily Clark, Kelby Stillwell, Stephanie Brown, Eric Sloan, and The Beanery Uncorked!

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