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We do messy.  We do silly.  We do awkward.  We do vulnerable.  We do laughing ‘til you cry, and crying ‘til you laugh.  We do rainy mornings and golden afternoons and all the brilliant moments in between that make life sweet.  We believe that small moments are just as important as big ones.  We’ve all experienced one of those perfect moments that we wish we could save forever.  The thing is, you can’t capture them + live them at the same time.  That’s where we come in.  You live it, we’ll capture it.  Good plan.


When can we expect our photos?

Believe me, I want you to have them as quickly as you do BUT editing and making sure your photos look perfect takes time and I don't like to rush the process. For portrait sessions, you can expect your photos 3-4 weeks after your shoot. For weddings, you can expect a full album of sneak peaks of my favorite parts of your day within the week. Then, your amazing full gallery 8-12 weeks after your wedding date. I promise you, it is worth the wait!!


I see your based in East Tennessee. Do you travel?

Yes of course! Take me all the places! This does include an added travel fee which I would be happy to help you with. Just shoot me an email at for your personalized quote! 


How many photos can we expect from our wedding?

Oh girl, you are going to get way more photos than you ever dreamed or could ever want! Since that isn't a solid number to ease your mind, you can expect 50-100 images per hour that I am there. 


How do I book you for my wedding or session?

Go up to the "LET"S DO THIS" tab + fill out the inquiry form! I will get back with you asap + we will check your date!


Do you only shoot weddings?

I honestly shoot a lot of weddings! But, I do shoot engagement and lifestyle sessions as well as limited family shoots. Inquire for more info!


What Gear do you use?


I shoot on a Canon R5, 5D Mark IV, + 6D Mark II. My go-to lenses are a Sigma 35mm 1.4 ART + Canon 50mm 1.2


How would you describe your style?

In one word, "real".  I'm not a traditional. I will direct you, but I believe the most important thing is to experience real moments together. I love messy, unscripted, in-between moments that generally happen when you think nobody else is watching. I like to think of myself as a documentary photographer.  The best moments aren't the ones you are trying to mimic off of pinterest, they are the ones that come when you least expect it. 


What should I wear?

Wear something that makes you feel good and reflects your personal style. Coordinating outfits is great and all, but try to avoid anything too matchy-matchy or overly trendy. Pick colors that compliment, but don't be afraid to mix prints, solids and patterns.  I have a styling guide that I would be happy to send you if you need more inspiration!

Do you need a shot list?

Before your wedding, we will discuss expectations for your whole day. This will include you giving me a very specific list of how family photos will look in order to help that part of your day run as smooth as possible. Family pictures can sometimes feel like you are herding cats. Also, I will give an opportunity for you to convey your priority shots. I will ALWAYS capture the normal wedding shots, but this will give you an opportunity to tell me of anything out of the ordinary that you want captured. I have shot what feels like a million weddings, so I don't typically work from a shot list. I feel like we get bogged down with how we want our photos to look, so we spend time manipulating and recreating the perfect shot that doesn't come from a real place. I much prefer for you to let real moments happen. The photos will be more special that way. 

Do you offer prints or albums?

Absolutely!!  While you will receive digital copies of all your favorite photos from our session, you should also know that you do have access to some of the best print products available.  I am a believer in turning your memories into high quality prints that you can have for generations. You should know there is never any pressure to buy additional products when you book a session with me AND you can always purchase an album or order prints at a later date. Bottom line, you have options.


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